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Evaluation of Global Agenda: The Millennium Development Goals (MDGS)

Babalola, Daniel Olatunde (2012) Evaluation of Global Agenda: The Millennium Development Goals (MDGS). International Journal of Civil & Environmental Engineering IJCEE-IJENS, 12 (1). pp. 49-69.

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This study assessed the trends in the global developments since inception of the agenda to precisely predict what the level of attainment would be at the end of the set duration. The methodology adopted includes the qualitative and quantitative research design methods based on secondary data. Analyses of data include ‘Factorial Deviation’ and ‘Regression with coefficient of correlation’. The results showed that ‘the sum of Measurement Of Deviation for each indicator (ΣMOD), which deals with actual values of deficiencies and real attainments in all assessed indicators under each goal, is ‘+11.32’. A regression also performed on regrouped goals with equal number of indicators for variable ‘X’ and average value of ‘MOD’ for all the goals in the group for variable ‘Y’ is represented by the equation: Y= m X + c = 0.48X- 4.3 and that the corresponding Ys for X0, X6, X8.96 and X14 are -4.30, -1.42, 0.00 and +2.42 respectively. The sum of XY of the regression line for X6 to X14 is +8.00. A coefficient of correlation ‘r’ of ‘+0.60’ falls in the upper half of positive correlation between X and Y. The ‘high value’ agreement of the sum of MOD (also known as the attainment target index ) value of ‘+11.32’ and the sum of XY of the regression line for X6 to X14 of +8.00 are indications that by Y2015, the MDGs are attainable if current trends are at least maintained or positively intensified. The paper recommended that efforts must be made by the UN and other concerned global organizations towards ensuring that quantifiable data are available for the remaining 30% indicators (hence goals) and all those with negative ‘-ve’ values must be improved upon unto positive ‘+ve’ values, which can only be guaranteed by intensifying efforts for attainment of real ‘+ve’ values. It concluded that with the UN Conferences and all that have been established to achieve particularly the MDGs among others, there is hope of greater improvement for humanity and our inhabited planet earth.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Environment, evaluation, sustainable development, United Nations, and urbanization
Subjects: N Fine Arts > NA Architecture
Divisions: Faculty of Engineering, Science and Mathematics > School of Civil Engineering and the Environment
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Date Deposited: 20 Dec 2014 10:12
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