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De, N and James, N.A .. (2002) Antibacterial Spectrum Of Extracts Of ·OCIMUM GRAITISSIMUM L. {BASIL) AND XYLOPIA AET/OPICA A. RICH. (DUNAL). Nigerian Journal or Basic and Applied Sciences, 11. pp. 165-175.

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Preliminary phytochemical analysis showed that fruits of X. aetiopica contain phenolic compounds (including tannins) and cardiac glycosides while leaves of 0. gratissimum possess these components and also saponins. Antibacterial activities of aqueous, ethanol and acetone extracts of the leaves of 0. gratissinwm and fruits of X. aetiopica were studied by the agar diffusion method. In case of extracts of 0. gratissimum, the ... most effected organisms were S. aureus and K.pneumoniae whereas in case of X. aetiopica , the most effected ones were K pneumoniae·,· S~ aiJreus and S.typhi at prob. ofF 0.01. The effect of extracts of 0. gratissimum was most effective on tested organism (mean value 3.69) compared to the extracts of X. aetiopica (mean value 3.44) at prob. ofF 0.01. In case of hath the p!cnts, the ethanol extract ( mean value 3. 83 ) was mo-:1 eitective compared to acetone extract (mean value 3.56) and UlJUOous extract (mean value 3.30) at prob. of F 0.01 against the tested organisms. Some of the tested organisms were treated with ethanol extract containing medium ( McConkey broth for S .. typl1i and S. paratyphi and Nutrient brot/1 for other /Jacterial isolates) for 48 hours. Gram staining revealed that these treated organisms were gram-variable. The minimum inllibitory concentration, MIG (15-20 mglml) and the minimum bactericidal concentration, MBC ( 20-25 mglml) of . both the extracts were comparable to those of chloramphenicol, ·ampicillin, penicillin and flagyl (MIG is 1.5-2.0 mg/ml and MBC is 2. 0-1 0. 0 mglml) considering the crude nature of the antibacterial substances present in the extracts

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