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Reactivities of the Sulphydryl Groups of Horse (Equus caballus) Haemoglobin

FASEB, Journals (2014) Reactivities of the Sulphydryl Groups of Horse (Equus caballus) Haemoglobin. In: Experimental Biology 2014, United States of America.

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The kinetics of the reaction of Ellman’s reagent with CysF9[93]β sulphydryl group of the horse haemoglobins were studied at neutral and physiological pH (6.8 < pH > 7.6) ranges under pseudo first order conditions. The reaction is of first order with respect to the DTNB concentration in each plot. The reactions are pH dependent of the observed rate constant gave a complex trend. The observed rate shows that at neutral pH, the presence of inositol hexakisphosphate (inositol-P6) increases the pseudo first order rate constant. For the first time, inositol-P6 increases kF and kR at neutral pH values by increasing Krt3. The Krt3 for the haemoglobin without inositol-P6 gave the value of 0.138 ± 0.1 while the haemoglobin in the presence of inositol-P6 gave the Krt3 value of 0.325 ± 0.2. The results show that inositol-P6 increases the relative population of the t tertiary conformation. So, it increases the reactivity of CysF9[93]β by changing the relative distribution of two protein conformations.

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Date Deposited: 18 Mar 2016 10:17
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