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Chinedu, S. N. and Fatumo, S. and Adebiyi, E. F. (2015) In-Silico Studies of Essential Metabolic Reactions of Trypanosoma brucei: Identifying Potential Drug Targets. In: BCBGC-10. ISRST, pp. 31-36. ISBN 978-1-60651-017-9

Fatumo, S. and Adoga, M. and Ojo, O. and Oluwagbemi, O. O. and Ewejobi, I. and Adebiyi, M. and Adebiyi, E. F. and Bewaji, C. and Nashiru, O. (2014) Computational Biology and Bioinformatics in Nigeria. PLOS Computational Biology, 10 (4).

Oyelade, O. J. and Fatumo, S. (2013) A Two-Phase Dynamic Programming Algorithm Tool for DNA Sequences. Covenant Journal of Physical and Life Sciences, 1 (1). pp. 19-26.

Adebiyi, Marion O. and Okujeni, Efe and Fatumo, S. (2013) A Petri-Net based model for PBS System on an Linux Enterprise Server. In: Creating Global Competitive Economies, November 13-14 2013, Rome, Italy.

Daramola, J. O. and Fatumo, S. (2011) Developing Ontology Support for Human Malaria Control Initiatives. Developing Ontology Support for Human Malaria Control Initiatives . (Unpublished)

Gichora, N. N. and Fatumo, S. and Ngara, M. V. and Chelbat, N. and Ramdayal, K. and Opap, K. B. and Siwo, G. H. and Adebiyi, M. and Gonnouni, A. E. and Zofou, D. and Maurady, A. A. M. and Adebiyi, E. F. and Villiers, E. P. and Masiga, D. K. and Bizzaro, J. W. and Suravajhala, P. and Ommeh, S. C. and Hide, W. (2010) Ten Simple Rules for Organizing a Virtual Conference—Anywhere. Plos Computational Biology, 6 (2).

Fatumo, S. and Akinyemi, I. O. and Adebiyi, E. F. (2009) Aligning Multiple Sequences with Genetic Algorithm. International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering,, 1 (2). pp. 179-182. ISSN 1793-8201

Oluwagbemi, O. O. and Adeoye, Esther and Fatumo, S. (2009) Building a Computer-Based Expert System for Malaria Environmental Diagnosis: An Alternative Malaria Control Strategy. Egyptian Computer Science Journal, 33 (1). pp. 55-69.

Fatumo, S. and Plaimas, K. and Mallm, J. P. and Schramm, G. and Adebiyi, E. F. and Oswald, M. and Eils, R. and Konig, R. (2009) Estimating novel potential drug targets of Plasmodium falciparum by analysing the metabolic network of knock-out strains in silico. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 9. pp. 351-358.

Oluwagbemi, O. O. and Adebiyi, E. F. and Fatumo, S. and Dawodu, A. (2008) PQ TREES, CONSECUTIVE ONES PROBLEM AND APPLICATIONS. International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 4 (3). pp. 262-277.

Adebiyi, E. F. and Fatumo, S. (2005) Mathematical Methods and their Applications. In: Mathematical Methods and their Applications. Covenant University Press.

Sofoluwe, A. B. and Ayo, C. K. and Adetiba, E. and Fatumo, S. (2004) Online Recharge Card Loading: A Test Case for M-banking Implementation. Journal of Computer Science & Its Applications, 11 (1). pp. 72-80.

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