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Okagbue, H. I. and Adamu, M. O. and Owoloko, E. A. and Opanuga, A. A. (2015) Correspondence Analysis of the Global Epidemiology of Cutaneous and Visceral Leishmaniasis. Indian Journal Of Natural Sciences, 6 (31). pp. 8634-8652. ISSN 0976 – 0997

Owoloko, E. A. and Omoregbe, N. A. and Azeta, A. A. and Edeki, S.O. (2015) Analytical Solution of the Schwartz - Moon Growth Option Model Revisited. International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 9 (21). pp. 1021-1029.

Edeki, S.O. and Ugbebor, O. O. and Owoloko, E. A. (2015) Analytical Solutions of the Black–Scholes Pricing Model for European Option Valuation via a Projected Differential Transformation Method. Entropy, 17. pp. 7510-7521.

Edeki, S.O. and Owoloko, E. A. and Osheku, A. S. and Opanuga, A. A. and Okagbue, H. I. and Akinlabi, G. O. (2015) Numerical Solutions of Nonlinear Biochemical Model Using a Hybrid Numerical- Analytical Technique. International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 9 (8). pp. 403-416.

Owoloko, E. A. and Ayoku, A. S. and Adeleke, O. J. and Edeki, S.O. and Owoloko, I. (2015) On the Application of the Open Jackson Queuing Network. Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics., 11 (4). pp. 2299-2313. ISSN 0973-1768

Okagbue, H. I. and Adamu, M. O. and lyase, S.A . and Owoloko, E. A. (2015) On the Motivations and Challenges Faced by Commuters Using Bus Rapid Transit in Lagos, Nigeria. The Social Sciences, 10 (6). pp. 696-701. ISSN 1818-5800

Owoloko, E. A. and Omoregbe, N. A. and Okedoye, A.M. (2014) A Contingent Claim Approach to Bank Valuation. Journal of Mathematical Finance. pp. 234-244.

Owoloko, E. A. and Okeke, M. C. (2014) Investigating the Imperfection of the B – S Model: A Case Study of an Emerging Stock Market. British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, 4 (29). pp. 4191-4200.

Musa , A.G and Daramola, O. and Owoloko, E. A. and Olugbara, O. O. (2013) A Neural-CBR System for Real Property Valuation. Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences, 4 (8). pp. 611-622. ISSN 2079-8407

Owoloko, E. A. and Ogundiran, T.J. (2012) When to Sell or Hold a Stock:Empirical Evidence from an Emerging Market. Transnational Journal of Science and Technology, 2 (10). pp. 51-68.

Owoloko, E. A. (2012) Analytical Solution of the Extended Schwartz and Moon (2000, 2001) Growth Option Model. International Journal of Science and Advanced Technology, 2 (5). pp. 146-156. ISSN 2221-8386

Gideon, O. T. and Owoloko, E. A. and Osafile, O. E. (2011) Viscous Dissipation Effect on Flow through a Horizontal Porous Channel with Constant Wall Temperature and a Periodic Pressure Gradient. International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology, 3 (6). pp. 65-85. ISSN 2229 5216

Gideon, O. T. and Owoloko, E. A. and Osafile, O. E. (2011) A Regular Perturbation Analysis Of The Non-Linear Contaminant Transport Equation with An Initial And Instantaneous Point Source. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 5 (8). pp. 1273-1277. ISSN 1991-8178

Okoro, F. M. and Owoloko, E. A. (2010) COMPACT FINITE DIFFERENCE SCHEMES FOR POISSON EQUATION USING DIRECT SOLVER. Journal of Mathematics and Technology (3). pp. 130-138. ISSN 2078-0257

Okoro, F. M. and Owoloko, E. A. (2010) A one-way dissection of high-order compact scheme for the solution of 2D Poisson equation. International Journal of the Physical Sciences , 5 (8). pp. 1277-1283. ISSN ISSN 1992 - 1950

Olanrewaju, P. O. and Eegunjobi, A. S. and Owoloko, E. A. (2010) EFFECT OF GOEMETRY ON THE ANALYSIS OF THERMAL EXPLOSION OF A STRONGLY EXOTHERMIC CHEMICAL REACTONS. Journal of Mathematics and Technology. ISSN 2078-0257

Owoloko, E. A. and Alika, J. E. (2010) The Effect of Fixed and Random Models in the Interpretation of Biological Data. Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, 6 (1). pp. 68-71. ISSN 1549-3644

Owoloko, E. A. and Sagoe, E. T. (2010) Optimal advert placement slot – using the knapsack problem model. American Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 1 (1). pp. 51-55. ISSN 2153-649X

Oguntunde, P.E. and Owoloko, E. A. and Balogun, O. S. On A New Weighted Exponential Distribution: Theory and Application. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 9 (1). pp. 1-12. ISSN 1996-3343

Olanrewaju, P. O. and Bolaji, O. S. and Owoloko, E. A. A note on transient convection with chemical reaction and radiative heat transfer past a flat porous plate moving through a binary mixture. Unpublished. (Unpublished)

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