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New Media and HIV/AIDS Awareness among Married Women

lgbinoba, Angela O. and Amoo, Emmanuel O. and Oyesomi, Kehinde Opeyemi (2016) New Media and HIV/AIDS Awareness among Married Women. Communication Review, 7 (3). pp. 119-131. ISSN 1596-7077

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/Is the WUI'e of" access to inj(Jrmution on diseuses und hea/thcore is heing aided mJ!id(v h)' the ne11' media, the increasing exposure to sexuality thmugh the same media has mode rC'producliJ•e hat!th issues of fJ/Ih/ic discourse' in conlemtJorwy limes. 0Fa 1.1 million Nigaiuns are /ivin,!!, with I /IV in 20 I 0 out of \t'hir..:h 1.7 million w·C' ll'ornen am/3(>0.000 children: the pmportion living with /1//)S in suh-Solwmn .1(/i·icu has increased frC'memlous(J' lwfii'!'C'rl 200 I and 2009 C0111fJured to other adl'Wlced regions of the JFor/d(lJN/\IDS, 20 I 0 ). 1' his s/u(~J' I haC' jim' e.wminC'd I he impact ofnnr media on the 111/ !AIIJS preJ•u/ence a11wn,!!, 1rwrried women. 'J'hree data sets of .Nf)/1.\' of I 1) 1) 1). 2001 and 200X were used in conjunction with a primwy sun•ey orguni::.etl among rundomly selected llwrried II'OIIIen in the /ldo-Odo font! ,l!,OI'amnenl to 11wke IIJl/or the pu11city o/ injiJnrwtion on new mnliu in theN I )//S dot a. There ureji)/(r :ono/ districts in A doOdo. These are: ,\'ango, 0/a, ; ldo-Odo. lghe.w. '/'hmugh random SOII'IJJI ing, Otu IFos selected /j11 comlllllnity 1vus rundom~y selected in 0/o T lw j}(}fJ/1/ution .for this s/uc~y comprised 1/WI'I'ic:d lt'OIIWJJ wul uho1·e in /j11 collllllllnily in .1/do-Odo 0/u !.out! ( iol '<'l'rii!H'nl. Fmm Ul'uiluhle record in the l.ocul ( iol't'J'IIIIIelll. there ure 2.440 11/tii'J'ied II 'OIIICII in lj11 coJmn11nilr um/5'Yt~ o/lhis J'OfJitlulion ( 122) II 'US 11sed as .wllnple si::.e. I Je.\·aiJJ!il'e sluli.1lics und 1111/flijJ/e regress ion unu~)'sis were eJnjJ/o}'edjiJJ· datu anu!)•sis. '/'he res11ll stunt's that Ul1 'w ·eness rule o/'1111 ' 1/1 ff)S or their 17/ode o/lmnsmission is uhol'c: XO fh'Jn'nl. Nolll'ilhslunding. lllllfliple .\eXIIul j)(ll'lnershifJ is fJ/'el'tt!enl in tl1e .\!lid)' locutions. Ne 11· I!JCdio j(tcilities like .face /)()ok. .\ k1 '/ JC', el c ((('(' ne,l!,al i ve ~)' u Jl(/ sf at is/ ico 1/y ins i,l!,n ificu nl to tnl'on'ness uho111 Ill/ ' /:1 ff)S c .-vu/11e .> 5%). /he sfi{(~J' recommends !hut u/1 stukeholder.\·-J'Urliculorly the mediu indlls/J'.\ '- Iuke c " ncerted iniliutives lolt'urds susluinuh!e del'efOJJJnenl o/llw UJIIflllJ .wc/1 us lmnslating the knOlvfedge of II II · >I I f)S i 111 o i Is reduct ion u nd/or 1 Jre I'L' nl ion.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: H Social Sciences > H Social Sciences (General)
Divisions: Faculty of Law, Arts and Social Sciences > School of Social Sciences
Depositing User: Mrs Hannah Akinwumi
Date Deposited: 31 Aug 2017 10:12
Last Modified: 31 Aug 2017 10:12

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