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Adejumo,, A. O. and Bright, Elizabeth D. and Omekam, Ifeyinwa V. and Popoola, Remi E. and Akinrefon, Adesupo A. and Odetunmibi, , O. A. and Ademola, Adetunji A. (2013) Tuberculosis: A Study of Patients in Nigeria Using Binary Logit Models. Journal of Science, 1 (1). pp. 1-10.

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Adesina, Olumide S and Adeleke, Ismail and Oladeji, Tolulope, F (2016) Using Extreme Value Theory to Model Insurance Risk of Nigeria's Motor Industrial Class of Business. The Journal of Risk Management and Insurance, 20 (1). pp. 40-51. ISSN 0859-3604

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Efobi, Uchenna (2013) List of Countries that have adopted IFRS in Africa and Year the Country Publicly Announced the Adoption. [Dataset] (Unpublished)



Odewale, B.J. and OIadosun, M. and Amoo, Emmanuel O. (2016) Fertility Desire and Contraceptive Use among Women in Nigeria. In: 3rd International Conference On African Development Issues (CU-ICADI), May 9- May 11 2016, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria.

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