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Ajiboye, Esther (2013) Ideological Discourse Analysis of the Functions of Feedback Comments on Online Reports of Socio-political Crises in Nigeria. Covenant Journal of Language Studies (CJLS), 1 (2). pp. 117-136. ISSN Print: 2354 – 3582 - Electronic: 2354 – 3523

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Owoeye, Samuel T. (2013) La structure profonde et la modélisation des règles de construction de lexèmes: l'exemple de cinq suffixes agentifs du français. Linguistik online. ISSN 1615-3014

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Book Section

Abioye, T. and Ajiboye, Esther (2014) A LEXICO-STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF KAINE AGARY’S YELLOW-YELLOW. In: Language, Literature and Style in Africa: A Festschrift for Professor Christopher Olatunji Awonuga. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, England, pp. 115-130. ISBN 1-4438-7044-7; 978-14438-7044-3

Chiluwa, Innocent and Ajiboye, Esther (2016) LANGUAGE USE IN CRISIS SITUATIONS: ADISCOURSE ANALYSIS OF ONLINE REACTIONS TO DIGITAL NEWS REPORTS OF THE WASHINGTON NAVY YARD SHOOTING AND THE NAIROBI WESTGATE ATTACK. In: The Discourse of Digital Civic Engagement: Perspectives from the Developing World. Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA, pp. 35-55. ISBN 978-1-63484-120-7

Obieje, Doris L. and Tar, Maryam (2013) UNE LECTURE BEAUVOIRISTE D'UNIVERS ROMANESQUE DE CALIXTHE BEYALA. In: FRENCH LANGUAGE IN NIGERIA: ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF UFTAN PACESETTERS. University French Teachers Association ofNigeria (UFTAN) In Partnership with Mindex Publishing Co. Ltd. 22 Benin Technical College Road, Ugbowo, P. 0. Box 5089, Benin City, Nigeria. Email: Tel: +234 802.345.3848, 803.740.4398, 805.475.5. ISBN 978-978-8448-78-5

Owoeye, Samuel T. and Tar, Maryam (2012) Competence constructionnelle lexicale des etudiants universitaires nigerians du fran~ais langue etrangere : le cas de Ia suffixation agentive. In: Aspects of Language Variaton, Acquisition and Use. University of Cape Coast Press, Cape Coast - Ghana. ISBN 9964-3-9072-6

Tar, Maryam (2012) A Comprehensive Analysis of Perceptions of Teachers on Challenges of Teaching Translation at Nigerian Universties. In: Current Issues in Translation Studies in Nigeria. Satz und Gestaltung: Wehrhahn Verlag Druck und Bindung: lnprinr, Erlangen, lnprinr, Erlangen. ISBN 978- 3- 86525- 265- 4

Conference or Workshop Item

Fortress, Isaiah A. (2015) Yoruba Green-Proverbs in English: A Green Study of Niyi Osundare's Midlife. In: Journal Of Literary Society Of Nigeria (JLSN) New Directions In African Poetry, 2015.

Fortress, Isaiah A. and Onwuka, Edwin Yoruba Eco-Proverbs In English: An Eco-Critical Study Of Niyi Osundare's Horses Of Memory. In: Journal Of Literary Society Of Nigeria (JLSN) New Directions In African Poetry.


Chiluwa, Innocent (2011) Labeling and Ideology in the Press: a Corpus-based Critical Discourse Study of the Niger Delta Crisis. Peter Lang, Frankfurt. ISBN ISBN 978-3-631-61562-1 hb.

Chiluwa, Innocent (2012) Language in the News: Mediating Sociopolitical Crises in Nigeria. Peter Lang, Frankfurt. ISBN ISBN 978-3-631-63354-0 hb.

Fortress, Isaiah A. (2008) Flowers for Ebun. Standard Mass Concept Company, Akure, Nigeria. ISBN 978-070-855-3

Tar, Maryam (2009) Le Locuteur Haoussa Et L'Acquisition De La Structure Des Subordonnees Francaises. ABUDoF Journal of Humanities. Department of French A. B.U ZariaNigeria, Zaria Nigeria. ISBN 1595-7004


Abiodun-Eniayekan, .E. N. (2013) L'ecrivain Comme Historien:Une Etude De Quelques Romans D'ahmadou Kourouma. PhD thesis, Covenant University.

Owoeye, S .T. (2013) La Disponibilite Morphologique De La Suffixation Agentive Du Francais. PhD thesis, Covenant University.


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